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About Us

Brief Profile

We’re an organization providing training, capacity building, consulting, and research for continual improvements of performance. Our philosophy is based on the provision of services beyond our customers’ expectations for development of organizations and institutions. The services we offer provides tools for sustainability and running of operations for growth and development of the organizations, business, staff and partners. Our services have been tethered in a model that can easily be followed, practical and dynamic with continuous improved methodology to meet the clients’ expectations and challenges of the ever changing world.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote organizations and institutions development through utilization of our expertise and experiences in service provisions in the fields of consultancy, staff training and resource management. We yearn to achieve our ultimate customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Consultancy & Courses That We Offer

We offer project management, environmental health and safety, food handling and safety, maternal and child health and safety, Procurement & Supply Chain management, financial management, human resource management as well as drug abuse and prevention.
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