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Eriches Consult LTD


Programs/projects Support:

1. Organizational profile development;
2. Concept note/Proposal writing and reviews;
3. Project report writing and reviews;
4. Projects Documents Preparations;
5. Fillings & Other Desk studies;
6. Baseline Surveys;
7. Third Party Monitoring;
8. Project Evaluation;
9. Impact Assessments.

Foreign Companies Representation

Under this product we specialize in the development of short- and long-term joint ventures with foreign companies seeking to expand their markets. In return, the host Kenyan partner will benefit from advanced technology, managerial know-how and sector specific competencies unavailable at present in Kenya.

Organizational Development & Management

a) Strategic Planning.
1. Development and review of organizational strategic plans.
2. Review and development of Key Results Framework.
3. Development and review of organization’s Departmental Annual Work Plans

b) Human Resource Management Support Services
1. Formulation of organizational procedures (Administrative, HR and Financial).
2. Recruitment Support services.
3.Communication Strategies.

c) Organization Capacity Building 1. Institutional capacity assessments.
2. Staff capacity assessment.
3. SWOT analysis.
4. Development of capacity-building strategies

How we can help

Our services have been tethered in a model that can easily be followed, practical and dynamic with continuous improved methodology to meet the clients’ expectations and to meet the challenges of the current ever changing world. We are guided by these principles;

Our Story

We are an organization dealing with provision of solutions in health management systems, capacity building and continual improvement of organizations and institutions. We provide services in training, capacity building, consulting, and research on improving organization’s performance.